A New Chapter

Today began a new chapter in our journey. We attended a seminar for SIRM (Sher Institute of Reproductive Medicine), hoping to learn more about their practice and help us decide for certain whether we want to let them manage our care from here out. We already have a consultation scheduled with their medical director for later this month, but have not made any final decisions regarding where we will cycle next.

As soon as I learned my 4th pregnancy was not viable (Another chemical pregnancy, to be exact), I knew I wanted to explore a second opinion. While I like and respect my current RE greatly, he is a little “old school” in that he refuses to dabble in the reproductive immunology field. Being that we’ve already established that there are no chromosomal issues, blood clotting issues, or embryo abnormalities causing our losses at this point, I know that I need to explore something else.

So, that brought us to the SIRM seminar today. We were intrigued by the portion of the presentation about reproductive immunology, and the doctor who would be my RE gave an impressive talk. So far, I have a good feeling about him. We still need to figure out whether we want to bring our embryos to a brand new lab. My current RE warned me against being one of the first people to cycle with a new lab, and advised we wait until they have been up and running for a while first. So I want to proceed with caution in making this decision, considering we have just two embryos left and really want to avoid another fresh cycle.

I think my path will become a lot clearer over the next month as I have the consultation at SIRM, and a hysteroscopy which my current RE will perform next month.


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