2nd and 3rd opinions

I had consultations scheduled this week with RE’s at both Yale and SIRM. I am trying to get as many opinions and insights as possible before moving forward with another transfer.

Yesterday I met with an RE at Yale who I was told was a recurrent pregnancy loss specialist of sorts. Up until late last week, I had no intention of going there, but I ended up speaking with one of women on the board at Resolve (long story), and she highly recommended seeking an opinion at Yale. It just so happened they had a last minute cancellation for yesterday, so I was able to get in.

The meeting started off well, she asked a lot of questions about my history and I appreciated that she paid attention to every detail. But as the appointment progressed, I became less impressed. She is clearly not a proponent of any sort of empiric treatment and even pooh-pooh’d my use of Lovenox, baby aspirin and Metformin. She tried to tell me that my FET could have ended in a chemical pregnancy due to poor quality of the embryo after the thaw (Yeah, I don’t think so). And, she seemed to put a lot of stock in an endometrial scratch being the magic answer. All in all she just didn’t have a lot to offer, and because at this point I’m looking for a doctor to think outside the box, I knew when I walked out of there that there is no chance I’ll cycle there.

So today I had my long-awaited consultation at SIRM. The RE I met with has a great reputation, and he did not disappoint. He had some great suggestions and helped me start to formulate a plan to move forward. The best part is that he will not require me to do my transfer at SIRM, and is willing to let me cycle at UConn while he would just manage the immune portion of the protocol.

He already wrote up a requisition to test my Vitamin D, thyroid antibodies, natural killer cells, and T helper cells. He also suggested I work with my current RE to do a mock cycle leading up to my hysteroscopy, that way when he does the endometrial biopsy, the timing will be right to send a portion of the sample off to Yale for their endometrial function test. (Which ironically, the RE I met with at Yale also shot down). Depending on how the results for these tests come back, the possible treatments we are looking at are: Prednisone, intralipids, neupogen, and a long course of Lupron.

I have a meeting with my current RE on Monday to fill him in. It’s supposed to be my pre-op appointment for my hysteroscopy, but I am hoping he’ll agree to the mock cycle plan and push the surgery back. I know none of these things are going to be a silver bullet. But at the very least, if our next transfer fails I will know I did my best to introduce new treatments



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