Making progress!

I closed the loop this week on my tour de RE’s and sat down once more with my current RE. We discussed what I learned from my meetings with the other 2 RE’s and what we’ll do moving forward.

I have a hysteroscopy scheduled with him for tomorrow which I am nervous about since it is an operative hysteroscopy and I will be under anesthesia. The whole anesthesia/surgery/risks thing has me on edge but I hope the procedure is productive. Part of me wishes that they will find something in there that will give some sort of “Ah ha!” but I know realistically there probably won’t be any answers gleaned from the procedure. At least it will give me an excuse to lay around the rest of the day – We just started watching American Horror Story, so maybe a Netflix binge will be in store for my recovery.

As far as next steps: After the hysteroscopy, I’m going straight into a mock FET cycle. Basically I will do everything I would do for an FET, just without the transfer. Instead, an endometrial biopsy will be taken towards the end of the cycle and sent off to Yale for their EFT test. It is my understanding this test will tell us more about the receptivity of my uterus/endometrium. If the results come back abnormal, my current RE will confer with my other RE at SIRM to decide a course of treatment.

I am also working on completing some bloodwork ordered by the RE at SIRM. This includes:

  • Vitamin D (This already came back normal with a level of 54)
  • TSH/Free T4/Thyroid Antibodies (Also came back normal)
  • Natural Killer cells assay (To be completed next week)
  • TH1/TH2 (Also to be completed next week)

I have a feeling these results are all going to come back normal, and then we’ll still have no answers. Once the results are all in, I’ll get together with the RE at SIRM again to discuss treatment for my next FET, which I am thinking will be something in the fall.


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