Still no answers

Yesterday was my hysteroscopy, and just like the rest of my RPL testing, it was perfectly normal. Nary a polyp in sight.

I know logically that finding some surprise ginormous septum wouldn’t have been good. It just would have been an additional complicating factor. But I am so desperate for some explanation as to why I have had 4 miscarriages in 15 months’ time. According to all the testing I have had done (which is quite a bit), I am one healthy individual. I guess you can be healthy and still be an embryo serial killer. Who knew.

I spoke with my current RE later in the day and he had made a point of touching base with the creator of the EFT test which I am having done with this mock cycle coming up. It was suggested that we do a series of two endometrial biopsies during the cycle (fun!) in order to yield the best results. Twice the money, twice the pain. I really hope I don’t end up out $1200 for MORE non-answers. My husband is skeptical but leaving the decision up to me to go forward with the testing. Part of me will feel like a fool if it yields no answers but at least I won’t have any regrets or second thoughts about not having done it.

The bloodwork I am having done next week is pretty much my last chance to get any answers. Something though tells me I will have the most perfectly normal level of natural killer cells and T helper cells.

Tonight starts Lupron and so ends my one month break from injections. I’m back on the horse!



3 thoughts on “Still no answers

      • Good luck with it. Honestly it was uncomfortable during but basically pain free afterwards. The actual test gave us no answers but the having the test itself is where the major benefit lies. Something to do with making the uterus more receptive. Good luck


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