Endometrial biopsy: A special kind of torture; and other fun stuff

Yesterday I had my first of two endometrial biopsies for the Yale EFT. Um…Ouch. I was told it would be similar to a colposcopy. Yeah, no. This was way worse.  To top it off, now I know how bad it is, and I have to do it again next week. My RE said if the test comes back abnormal, we would do a third biopsy after treatment to ensure it worked. Lovely. Fortunately, odds are I won’t have to worry about that considering it will most likely come back normal, just like every. single. test. I have had run so far.

My husband is in a big rush to jump into another transfer so yesterday my RE agreed I would begin Lupron immediately after my 2nd biopsy next week to start off another FET cycle. We are looking at roughly an early October transfer. My husband actually calculated what month we would be due with an October transfer, but I know better by now. There will be no due date. This whole thing is an exercise in futility.

Yet I am still going to try. And giving it my all.  I spoke with a genetic counselor today at the company that did our PGS testing. They have a brand new test that assesses the mitochondrial DNA of your embryo. You know how when PGS fails and sometimes the doctor says it could still be an issue with the embryo at the mitochondrial level? This test is supposed to work around that. From their website:

By helping to reveal the embryos with the greatest probability of forming a successful pregnancy, MitoGrade™ is predicted to provide a further improvement in implantation rates, above and beyond that achieved using PGS alone.

I’m waiting on a quote for the costs, then I’ll discuss it with my RE to see if it is even worth doing on the biopsied cells from our remaining 2 embryos. It is supposed to help with implantation failure, which technically I guess chemical pregnancies are not considered. (Though I am not sure I fully believe this). I also plan to reach out to the RE at SIRM I have been working with to get his thoughts as well.


One thought on “Endometrial biopsy: A special kind of torture; and other fun stuff

  1. Omg! I’m freaking out reading your blog because it is like looking in a mirror. I live in CT and in the past three years I have had four miscarriages which include a miscarriage of a PGS normal embryo. We are about to do a FET with our last normal embryo and my RE just told me about the mitograde test today and I had the same terrifying thought that my eggs are all bad at the mitochondrial level and I will never have children because even surrogacy can’t fix that. I literally just cried my eyes out half an hour ago talking with my husband about it then found your blog. I can’t believe there is someone else who understands this journey so close to home. I am giving you a giant virtual hug!


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