Still waiting…

My EFT results are supposed to be in by 8/31, which means I was expecting a call either today or Monday.  Well, today is half over and still no call.

I am going crazy over here.  I just want to get the results so I can figure out for sure what I’m doing next. I’ve discussed it extensively with my husband and we still aren’t sure what we’re going to do if the test does come back abnormal. Considering the treatment would be 3 months of depot Lupron, plus this test doesn’t have a whole lot of clinical data backing it up, I’m not super eager to do the treatment if it is abnormal.  But on the other hand, if I were to skip the treatment, I don’t want to always wonder what would have happened if I’d just done the treatment.

Based on the million other tests I’ve had, odds are this one will come back normal, too. But something in my gut tells me its going to be abnormal. That would just be my luck, that the one abnormal test result I get is something so unproven and unknown.


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