The results are in!

My RE called this morning and my EFT results are in…


With all the other RPL testing I have had done, a normal result for each has been upsetting to me.  Normal results have meant no explanation for my losses, and nothing I can fix.  But for this test, I am relieved it came back normal.  I did not want to have to make the decision to do 3 months of Depot Lupron when I didn’t even 100% buy into this test to begin with.  But now that it’s been determined normal, I can check the box on this and move on without any regrets or what if’s.

My next step is to meet with my RE at SIRM next week.  He will review the EFT results in detail (apparently there were a few notes in there about the development of my lining), as well as any potential immune treatments for my next FET.

Then, I finally get to stop Lupron! All around, good news today.


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