Moving forward: FET #2

Yesterday I met with my SIRM RE to discuss my next FET. We decided to try Neupogen, which did not come as a surprise to me, considering we had been discussing it over email. I will be doing 0.4mL every 4 days, starting the first day of progesterone. My WBC will not be monitored, which is a bit concerning to me, but I was assured the dose was small enough that I was not at any risk. I am encouraged by the small studies I have read so far about the high success rate with women who have unexplained RPL, but I know this is not a magic cure.  I felt sure PGS would be the answer, and it wasn’t. So I can’t really bring myself to put much stock in any treatments at this point.

It's like liquid gold. $600 for this tiny vial!
It’s like liquid gold. $600 for this tiny vial!

I also came away from this meeting pretty concerned about the quality of my remaining frozen embryos. What we transferred for my first FET that wound up a chemical pregnancy was a day 6 blast, and was my only expanded, best quality one. What we have left are 2 average-graded, unexpanded blasts. One is a day 5 which is fine, the other is a day 6. My understanding is an unexpanded blast at day 6 is no bueno.

My SIRM RE says it is definitely worth transferring both over two separate eSET’s because even “ugly” embryos can become babies. But I feel totally hopeless about the remaining day 6. The thought of investing time, money and more Lupron craziness on a cycle with a crappy embryo is really hard to swallow. My mind is made up that I want to transfer both remaining embryos next cycle, but my husband strongly disagrees.  He is very wary of the risks associated with twins, and while those are not lost on me, they are risks I am willing to accept.

I have no idea how we are going to come to a decision on this. For now I am taking the healthy, mature approach of avoiding discussing the topic simply because it stresses me out too much to deal with it right now.


3 thoughts on “Moving forward: FET #2

  1. I just had a chemical pregnancy after transferring a normal
    PGS embryo. My RE suggested neupogen but I’m nervous about side effects on a baby. I’m curious what you’ve been told or read about this drug. Best of luck to you on your upcoming FET!


    • I’m so sorry about your chemical pregnancy. It is so hard, especially when PGS is made out to be the magic answer for miscarriages. Have you had anything come back abnormal with your RPL testing? I have found some smaller studies with Neupogen being used for RPL and so far not only is it showing promising success rates, but no birth defects. I was told if my transfer works, the plan would be to stay on it until 9 weeks at the latest. I am definitely nervous about taking it, especially when I think back on other “miracle” medications like DES and the negative effects they had on the children of the women who took it. But, I am desperate and willing to take a chance on it. Good luck to you!! Please link your blog if you have one, I’d love to follow it.


      • Thanks so much for your reply! I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. It’s the hardest thing to have such joy taken away. I’ve had the standard RPL panel and tested positive for MTHFR but that was it. I haven’t had any immune testing done or the NKa test. We are going to see what happens with our next transfer before we have go through all that testing. I’ll be following along to see how you make out. I’m sending positive thoughts your way!!!!!

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