I need an attitude makeover.

My transfer is 13 days away and my attitude sucks.

I have zero hope this will work. I have already cried multiple times just thinking about the bad news I will receive on beta day. I have a pit in my stomach that grows by the day.  I am simply dreading this. I can’t talk to anyone about it because I know I will sound crazy.  How can you possibly know this is a failure before it has even happened? 

I just know.

I think I’ve searched every corner of the internet for stories like mine.  Suffice it to say, there aren’t very many.  And those that I have found, don’t exactly have happy endings.

It won’t work, I’ll have another chemical pregnancy, no embryos remaining, be out thousands of dollars, and probably get fucking cancer from the Neupogen.


4 thoughts on “I need an attitude makeover.

  1. I feel you on that one too 😦 I am already feeling let down and I haven’t even started my stims yet and I found out they only want to transfer one b/c of my age. I hate all of this crap. Hope your day gets better and we can stop crying 😉 You are not alone!!

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