As of yesterday I am PUPO with our final two embryos.  According to my RE they had good grades (Uh what? See previous post). The transfer itself went really well, no issues at all. On the way home we stopped for fries and my husband insisted on going to a different McDonald’s this time because he thought the one we stopped at on our way home from the first trasnfer was bad luck. He’s cute.

Last night I found myself googling “how soon after FET does implantation happen?” And it made me hate myself a little bit. The temptation to test at home is already strong because if it didn’t work at all I want to know as soon as possible rather than let my hopes build for another week.  But ultimately I know it is a bad idea. I think at most, maybe I will take a test the morning of my beta just so that I am not blindsided by the phone call.

I have to keep reminding myself that even though these were our last two embryos, it is not the end of the road if it doesn’t work. I have a contingency plan in place, and have already printed the medical records release form to get my files over to Dr. Braverman.

For now I will focus on the fact that tonight is the season premiere of American Horror Story! Eeeee!


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