I have basically been stimming since I last updated, and had forgotten how much it kicks my ass. The fatigue over the past 2 weeks was serious!

I’m not thrilled with how the cycle went: I didn’t respond as well as I would have liked to the dose of stims I was on, and ended up with 2 follicles by trigger day, though my e2 barely reached 200 so I’m sure only one, if that, was mature. I triggered Thursday and yesterday morning was my IUI.

I’m all stocked up on pregnancy tests and ready to start POAS (peeing on a stick) starting early next week. I have literally zero hope this will work.  And not the type of thing where I just say that but secretly think there’s a chance. Really and truly, I have no hope. Then why did I even spend $2000 to do this cycle? I don’t know. I had the leftover meds, and it seemed like a better use of time than doing nothing until January. I really wish we could have just tried on our own, but my ovaries are basically useless without medication.

So, we’ll know by late this month for sure if it worked, and if not, the plan is to meet with my RE and get the ball rolling for IVF #2. We still haven’t made any final decisions about the Reproductive Immunologist. I think we’re going to wait and see how many embryos next cycle yields before we make a plan on who we do our FET(s) with.


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