Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving is the start of a very difficult time of year, one that is very family-centered. It has become difficult to celebrate a time of year I once loved, when the holidays have become an especially painful reminder of my empty arms .

There has been a great article circulating called “It’s okay not to be okay this Thanksgiving.” I thought it perfectly captured a lot of what I’ve been feeling, and it’s reassuring to hear that it doesn’t make me a bad person if I struggle a little to overlook my infertility and count my other blessings this year.

I am grateful that my husband and I were on the same page this year, to take it easy and not participate in many of the holiday celebrations with our parents and extended family. I know to some, that may seem dramatic or cold. But this is the third holiday season we have been grappling with infertility and with no end in sight, I think everyone has to cope in a way that is best for them.

Whether you are still in an emotional place where you can dive right in to the family celebrations, or like me choose a quieter acknowledgement of the holiday, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving in their own special way.


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