Still waiting to start IVF #2

Since my last post, I was able to gather my new insurance information and get it over to the financial rep at my RE’s office. She called me back last week with incredible news:  My cycle has been authorized and will be covered by my insurance. I’m still waiting to see exactly what the details are, but based on the letters I received from my provider in the mail, PGS and ICSI may be covered too. It is very possible we will be responsible only for biopsy, shipping and freezing fees, plus my deductible.

I absolutely cannot believe our good fortune. I know how expensive fertility treatments are, and I feel so grateful to have had 1, possibly 2, retrievals and 1 FET covered so far.  Even with all of that coverage, we still spent $20,000 out of pocket last year, so my heart goes out to those who have no coverage whatsoever.

We are fortunate in that we live comfortably and can afford to keep doing IVF even after the insurance coverage runs out, but we also know there is realistic possibility we will be shelling out 6 figures for a gestational carrier at some point, and so we want to minimize all costs as much as possible up until that point, as that will be a life-changing expense.

As for right now, I am about halfway through a 10 day course of Prometrium, so I am expecting I will have my baseline in the next 1.5 to 2 weeks. I did get confirmation today that all of my meds have been ordered, so we are well on our way to starting the cycle. I am definitely not excited, because IVF doesn’t hold that “we’re so close to being pregnant” feeling for me since it has failed a few times already.  But I do also know that it gets me closer than not trying at all, and I am still holding out hope for a miracle.





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