As of about a week and a half ago, I had finally made it through 10 torturous days of Prometrium (oh, the bloat!) to try and induce the start of a new cycle so that I could begin stims for IVF #2.  A week went by and nothing, so I spoke with my RE and set up a baseline appointment for this past Saturday.

Lo and behold, my baseline showed a 16mm cyst or follicle (still not sure which), and my estrogen was elevated close to 300. For those of you with IVF experience, you know that can only mean one thing: Cycle delayed.

I had repeat bloodwork yesterday that showed my estrogen was still elevated, and my progesterone was kind of elevated. I had all negative OPKs during that time, so I have no clue what is going on. Either way, now I’m stuck waiting it out through at least another blood draw this Friday, and possibly beyond.

I wasn’t necessarily excited to begin IVF #2, because I really don’t get on board with the whole IVF excitement thing anymore, but I was finally in a mental space where I felt ready. Now to have to try and maintain that prepared attitude while my body goes completely haywire, is frustrating.

I should have been 4 days into stims by now, but at this point I think we are looking at a late February retrieval at the earliest.  Which means a late April transfer.  UGH.


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