Stim, monitor, repeat.

I am on day 7 of stims and starting to grow tired and bloated. I almost think the second IVF cycle is harder than the first because you can’t help but compare your progress against the previous cycle.

My e2 has been climbing nicely so far, but I have not had a lot of progress with follicle growth.  For some reason the meds just keep feeding all my tiny follicles without much growth for the bigger ones.

2 days ago, I had 40 follicles just under 10mm.  As of today, I have maybe 3-5 in the 11-13mm range, and EIGHTY tiny ones. You can imagine, with 80+ follicles I already feel ready to burst. This morning’s scan was pretty invasive too, so I’m really feeling beat up.

I looked back at my notes from stim day 7-8 last cycle and had much more progress with follicle growth then, so naturally I have started panicking. I have to return for yet another monitoring appointment Sunday and I am really hoping we start to see some real growth by then.  If I end up getting canceled it won’t be the worst thing in the world because we’ve paid $0 out of pocket. But I don’t want to have to worry now about not being able to produce eggs on top of the RPL issue.

I really am not a whiner at all, but I’m feeling way too overwhelmed today.  I am not in a good place to shoulder the burden of worrying about the yield from this cycle. Not to mention physically I feel pretty crappy.  Work has been really stressful too and really the last thing I need to be worrying about on top of all the stress of IVF.  I need to take this weekend to lay low and relax and hope that I get some better news Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Stim, monitor, repeat.

  1. Ah that sucks. You have my sympathy. I found stims the worst part of IVF and I also had a really bad work situation at the time. I’ve tried to use IVF 1 as an example of how not to do it, and I’m intending to book a week off when I’m stimming this time round! Are you able to book some holiday? I think it definitely helps with the stress. X


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