Retrieval #2 Complete!

This morning was my retrieval for my second fresh IVF cycle and it went pretty smoothly.  I had 27 eggs retrieved, which was almost exactly the same as IVF #1 (28 retrieved). Tomorrow we will get the fertilization report with how many were mature, and of those, how many were successfully fertilized with ICSI.  For my first cycle, I was disappointed with the fertilization rate (just under 60%, or 16 eggs).  I am hoping for a little better this time around as maybe it will give me an extra blast or two by day 5/6.

I absolutely hate this part of the process. Nothing is a sure thing with IVF, so just because last cycle I got 6 blasts doesn’t mean that will be the case this time. I could end up with 2, I could end up with 10. And even after the final blast count, I still have to wait for the PGS results. Since we are doing Next Generation Sequencing as well as the Mitograde test, I am sure it will whittle my batch of “normals” down even more.  We only got 3 normals last cycle, so I really can’t afford to get much less than that. Especially because we wanted to put ideally two aside for a last resort transfer into a gestational carrier, and keep a couple more to transfer back to me.

I know there are so many people out there who don’t even get one to transfer, so ultimately I really still will be grateful even if I just get one.  But it just sucks to have to worry about every single step of this process. Since I have so much trouble getting anything to stick, it would be nice if the part where we gather embryos was a little easier and more fruitful.

So, the countdown is on.  Next Friday we will find out how many blasts were biopsied and frozen.  Then within two weeks after that we should have the PGS results.  I have no idea how I am going to make it through the next 3 weeks.


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