IVF # 2 Update and FET Plans

The past week has flown by as I’ve recovered from the retrieval and awaited next steps.

The day after the retrieval, we received an excellent fertilization report: Of the  27 eggs retrieved, 24 were mature, and 23 of those fertilized successfully with ICSI. Much better number and percentage than cycle 1! I am not sure whether it is because the egg quality was better, or just pure luck, but I am pleased with those results.

Within a week after the retrieval, we received more good news: 13 of our embryos made it to blast on day 5, and another 3 on day 6, for a total of 19 embryos biopsied for PGS and frozen! I couldn’t believe it. The results were so radically different from my first cycle, when only 6 embryos made it to blast, and most of those were day 6’s.

Now we have to cross the final hurdle (for this portion of the process), and wait for the PGS results. I am very scared that this is where I’ll lose all my embryos and find out that only one or two were normal.  I would be elated to have several normal embryos to work with because it would really take the pressure off to not have to do a retrieval again any time soon, or maybe never again.

Because we are doing Next Generation Sequencing, the results won’t come in as fast as the regular array CGH results did. I was told I would have the results by the 18th, so it could be another long 12 days!

In the meantime, I have started the beginning phase of the FET protocol. I am currently on birth control, and will start Lupron at the end of next week. Currently we are looking at a mid-April transfer.  (Assuming I have at least 1 to transfer!) I am not nearly as eager to get the transfer moving as I was for our first FET. Back then I thought it was just a matter of getting the embryo into me and poof, I’d be pregnant. But, unfortunately now I know better, and I know that my odds of having success next transfer aren’t great. All the more reason I am hoping I have many embryos to keep trying with!


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