PGS Results

I wasn’t expecting my PGS results until next week, but I received a call yesterday with the news.

I should preface this by saying that I am a numbers-oriented person, and so when my first IVF cycle resulted in 50% normal embryos, I assumed that would be a stable proportion for cycles to follow. By that logic, I was excited, as I expected somewhere around 9-10 of my embryos to be normal.

So, the results I got yesterday were a little shocking.  Out of 19 embryos biopsied, only 4 came back normal. How could this have happened?  I am only 29, I should have had more than 20% of my tested embryos come back normal.

Also unsettling was the news that 5 embryos had no diagnosis, or were inconclusive. When I started the IVF/PGS journey last year I was told it was very rare to get no diagnosis on your embryos. So how in the world did another 25% of this one batch come back inconclusive?

I have had a lot of mixed feelings about these results.  Last cycle I was thrilled to have 3 normals.  On the other hand, I never dreamed I would transfer them all without success. So, this time around I know that 4 may not be enough to get a baby.  It also makes me worried that there is a deeper problem with my eggs/embryos that will prevent them from ever producing a healthy pregnancy.

For now, the plan is to move forward with transferring 1 embryo next month.  We will save 2 of the 4 for a surrogate in case we get to that point. Before transferring the 4th embryo, we will probably do another retrieval and re-test the inconclusive embryos at that time in hopes of banking a few more. These plans could change, but it feels like the most conservative route at this time.  Of course my hope is that a miracle happens and next month I find out I am finally pregnant with my take-home baby, but my expectations are also fairly low after all that has happened in the past 2.5 years.



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