I meant to document more throughout this FET and it completely fell by the wayside.  I think I maybe have been too nervous to document another failure.

My transfer day was really special.  My doctor was not scheduled to do any transfers that day, but he wanted to do ours so he made a special exception.  I keep joking with my husband about being VIP’s there. He says its not exactly the place he wants to be a VIP, but I feel like at least it makes things more pleasant!

Anyway.  The day after transfer I lounged most of the day, and my husband gave me a sweet card and got my favorite foods. Basically every day since then has been an emotional rollercoaster of me thinking it worked one second, then convinced it didn’t the next second.

Originally I had planned to take a home pregnancy test only the morning of my blood test, but this morning (7dp5dt, 2 days before beta), I changed my mind. I could not wait any longer.  The second my husband left for work, I took the one and only test we have in the house.

If I did not have the history that I do of multiple miscarriages (including a PGS normal embryo!), then I think I would have been happy with the result this morning. It was a solid line, and certainly much better of a line than I’ve ever had this early on.  And I did feel elated, for the briefest second.  Then immediately I started worrying again that this will turn out to be another chemical pregnancy like my first FET. And now I’ve basically been paralyzed with fear all morning.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take another test tomorrow.  What if everything is fine but the test doesnt look any darker? I’ll spend the whole day having a meltdown. I think I might just want to live in ignorant and hopeful bliss until I get my blood results.





10 thoughts on “7dp5dt

  1. Congratulations!! That’s a very strong line, I think! These early days are always so scary and I can imagine how anxious you feel, but hope you can enjoy the little miracle inside you a bit! Hoping everything progresses smoothly 💜

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  2. Congrats on your pregnancy! Just take it 1 day at a time 🙂 Today, you are pregnant and that is something to be celebrated 🙂 Rest, plenty of water and do things that calm your mind. Fingers crossed for you that everything is boring and goes incredibly smoothly!!


  3. I have been waiting for this update. As someone who also suffers from RPL, I know too well the feeling of anxiety and terror that comes with a BFP. I am going to say to you what my RE said to me “eventually, ONE of these (pregnancies) is going to work”. I truly hope this is your THB. Will be keeping you in my prayers


  4. It looks good! I tested positive on 7dp5dt too and I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant… Wishing you all the best for this pregnancy – congratulations!


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