Among the “normal” patient population now…

Today was my first OB appointment at 9w4d.  We got a bonus ultrasound despite having just had one 4 days ago.  Still measuring right on time with a strong heartbeat, and it was unbelievable how much different he/she looked today versus just 4 days ago! Very baby-shaped. And wiggling all around.

I was officially released from my RE last week, so now I am just a normal pregnant patient, according to my OB.  The appointment went ok.  I think, if this continues to progress, I’ll have to get accustomed to the different level of attention you get with an OB vs. RE.  Once you are with an OB it seems they aren’t particularly concerned with keeping a close eye on you, you just get a scan once in a while. Very scary for me. Fortunately my OB understands my anxiety and agreed to do doppler checks or scans as much as I needed. I took her up on that and scheduled one for August 9, just shy of 12 w.

For now, we are dealing with two main issues: One, should we do the first trimester risk assessment bloodwork/NT scan, since we already know from PGS testing that our baby is chromsomally normal?  And two, are we sure we want to deliver at the hospital my OB delivers at?

On the risk assessment front, it is my understanding that the accuracy of PGS is actually slightly higher than the accuracy of the screening.  So in that sense it seems pointless to do the screening. However, it would be nice to get a detailed ultrasound to show us as much as possible that things are still developing normally.  So I am leaning towards doing the NT scan but not the blood work. My OB is putting me in touch with a genetic counselor at the hospital to further discuss.

On the hospital front: My OB delivers at a hospital in an urban area and the facilities aren’t as nice as other newer maternity wards in the state. I’ve also heard a few horror stories about having to possibly share a room after delivery.  However, the hospital has the highest level NICU in our area. Infertility and RPL has taught me to prepare for the worst, thus making a NICU a requirement in my book.

To the few people out there reading this 🙂  – How did you select the hospital you delivered at?  Am I putting too much weight in the NICU issue?


5 thoughts on “Among the “normal” patient population now…

  1. Congrats on graduating!
    In answer to your questions:

    – We got the blood tests and the NT scan. But didn’t have PGS so that makes sense not to have the bloods if not necessary.

    – We went to our local hospital. Mainly because it’s walking distance and we don’t have a car. No other considerations!

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  2. Congratulations on graduating to being a “normal” pregnant woman. It’s been quite the journey… but you’re here now!

    As someone who has also had RPL, I am so glad to read your OB is being sensitive to your feelings with the additional checks. My OB was the same with me (she was also the one who performed my two D&Cs, so we’ve had a relationship for a while before I officially became her patient). She granted me 6 ultrasounds in my first trimester, and then Doppler checks weekly from 12w-19w (I felt the baby kick for the first time at 18w4d and had my antenatal scan at 19w, after that I felt much more confident and did not need the weekly checks).

    With regards to your NICU question: where I live, we have hospitals graded L1-L3 (L1 being the basic facilities, L3 being specialty hospitals). I had an L1 hospital literally 2 minutes away from me, several L2’s about 20-30 min away, and at least one L3 30 min away as well. Several of my friends have delivered at the L3 hospital as the maternity ward is BEAUTIFUL. Very modern, fancy facilities.

    I chose the L1. Why? It is the town my DH and I started our life in, where we got married, and where we plan to raise our child(ren) – so there’s sentimental value. I was also very attached to my OB as I mentioned, and wanted her to bring my baby into this world so wanted her hospital. The L1 hospital was also quieter, no chaos, and felt very “homey” and comfortable (and was small enough that our visitors could find us easily, which was important for me as my family is terrible with directions and locations). Parking at the hospital was also cheaper than the other hospitals. And the fact that it was 2 min from our house ended up coming in handy – I delivered in the middle of February, while we were experiencing a giant snowstorm. A day after baby arrived hubby had to zip home and shovel the driveway because it had snowed THAT much. It was nice that he was so close that I did not have to worry about him on the roads, and he was only gone an hour… if we had been further, he would have been gone for 3+hrs for sure.

    I also knew that if God forbid, there was an emergency, I was in good hands and could easily be helicoptered to the L3 hospital within 10 minutes if it really came down to that. And I asked about the history of infants and mother survival at the hospital and they have only had one mother unfortunately not make it in well over 50 years of the hospital’s existence. And no infant deaths. So I did trust the medical staff there.

    Regardless of what you decide, it will be the right choice 🙂 Looking forward to more pregnancy updates, and maybe a bump pic or two!


  3. I had the same fears about moving on to my OB from my RE. Something that helped me was starting to see a high risk doctor. I get more scans and appointments this way, like I am used to. I am in the states (not sure if you are too) and we unfortunately dont get to pick our hospitals. I wish this was the case tho!

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  4. Congratulations! I’m so glad other women are using the “pregnancy after infertility” tag – I feel like I’ve found the tribe where I fit in. Best wishes to you as your pregnancy progresses — looking forward to updates. To answer your question about hospitals: I found an OB practice that I liked and they were fortunately affiliated with a hospital near me that has a NICU. I’ve also had a couple friends deliver at that hospital and all had good experiences, so that made me feel secure in the decision.

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