The past 24 hours…

Have been terrifying.

Yesterday I was working from home and got up to get something to eat. I felt a warm heavy drip and thought for a second I might have lost control of my bladder.  Then my heart dropped, and I knew before I even looked that it was blood.

I ran to the bathroom and cleaned myself up while I called the OB.  They acted quickly and told me to come in immediately for an ultrasound.  Somehow I made the drive downtown and rushed in, my husband met me there.  Over the next hour or two I had two different types of ultrasound and an exam by the midwife.  There was more blood after they used the more invasive ultrasound wand and after the midwife did an exam.

They found that the baby looked perfect, my cervix was long and closed and no signs of any placental problems. They attempted to test for amniotic fluid but it must have been contaminated by the blood as they weren’t able to get a result.  The doctor came in and said it could be nothing or it could be the start of a miscarriage.  They sent me home promising to get me in with the MFM department for a better scan this morning.

I went home terrified and praying that bleeding and cramping wouldn’t pick up and turn into a full miscarriage.  Oddly enough the bleeding stopped completely overnight, like a faucet that had quickly been turned on then off.

I was able to get in to see the MFM doctor first thing this morning and they did a long, thorough scan of every square inch of the baby and placenta.  The baby looked absolutely perfect and again they found no evidence of a low-lying placenta or fluid issues. The doctor was much more encouraging than the OB last night and said the bleeding is very common and many times they find no cause at all. In the absence of placenta previa or a large pocket of blood behind the placenta, they are not too concerned.  He did mention seeing some pools of blood near the edge of my placenta which he expected could cause more bleeding.

For now I am resting at home and feeling hopeful but very, very scared.  This pregnancy was already riddled with anxiety, and that was when it was going perfectly.  Now I feel like a ticking time bomb.  I am still experiencing some bleeding though far less, and not the scary bright red it was before.  I am praying it will stop, as every time I see blood will send me into a new panic.

Is unexplained bleeding that is totally benign in the second trimester a real thing?  I don’t understand how you can bleed and no one can tell you where it is coming from. I am finding it difficult to relax as my mind keeps going to all the worst case scenarios.


11 thoughts on “The past 24 hours…

  1. I had the same in my second tri. One bit of spotting in first tri, then from 12-19 weeks I had spotting or bleeding every week or two. The last time at around 19 weeks, it came with cramping/contractions which was extra terrifying. Like you, I got all checked out- ultrasounds, cervix checks- and nothing was found to explain it. The emergency OB wasn’t worried when they couldn’t find a reason, and said everything looked good.
    No bleeding for me now since 19 weeks.
    I know how scary it is though, thinking of you.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. I had heavy bleeding at 11 and 13 weeks and baby was absolutely fine. One of my best friends bled up until about 30 weeks and delivered a healthy baby girl last week at full term. Obviously bleeding is horrific when you’re pregnant, but it definitely isn’t always bad news. Just take it easy and head to the doctor anytime you need to. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping all is ok xx


  3. Omg how scary. Im sorry u have to deal with this on top of your anxiety already. So unfair! I am so glad all checked out just fine, and it sounds like the ladies above have some great success stories to put your mind at ease a little. Prayers!


  4. Akse – my SIL was at work a few years ago, 18w along. All of a sudden she felt like she peed her pants, and ran to the bathroom… It was a huge gush of bright red blood. Fast forward a trip to the ER later, and no one could tell her what had caused it. They did not know if it would continue, or what would happen– what they DID know was baby looked perfect, cervix looked normal, placenta was fine… Everything added up to a normal pregnancy, just with this bright red blood. She was told to rest as much as possible, and stay hydrated. It never happened again after that episode, and my niece turned 3 last month.

    So yes, 2nd trimester bleeding can be normal. For now, prayer and faith along with rest and hydration is what you need. I will say a prayer for you and baby tonight. Keep us posted, friend.

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