For the past week I have been feeling more confidence and less anxiety about my pregnancy, and have even indulged in some of the normal activities, like perusing baby items online and starting the nursery.  I am a few hours shy of 25 weeks so there is still a long way to go and I know anything can happen.  But for the first time I feel like I have a real shot of bringing a baby home.  I never in a million years thought I would be sitting here 25 weeks pregnant.  No matter what happens, I am so grateful to have experienced seeing myself with a baby bump, and feeling my baby kick.

I want to start trying the best that I can to enjoy some of this, so I want to start documenting some of the lighter/fun parts, rather than solely my deep dark scary thoughts and anxiety.

How far along? 24 weeks + 6 days

How big is baby? According to my app, the size of a rutebega at 25 weeks. (What is a rutebega?) Either way, I think baby is around 1.5lbs right now.

Total weight gain/loss:  About 20 lbs as of last week. (I am so embarrassed about this!)

Maternity clothes?  Yes, will I ever fit into normal clothes again??

Sleep: Not great. Waking up several times a night from a combination of having to go to the bathroom, and anxiety.

Best moment this week: Seeing my stomach move as baby kicked like crazy in there!

Food cravings: Nothing crazy. My appetite has calmed down a bit, and I’m trying to eat healthier. I was on a sugar kick for a while but I’m finding my stomach is a bit more sensitive to what I eat these days.

Food Aversions: None

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Cranky! I’ve definitely bitten a few people’s heads off lately.  I’m also having some really bad acid reflux – very uncomfortable.

What I miss:  Still turkey sandwiches.

What I am looking forward to:  My next milestone – 28 weeks.

Upcoming appointments/events:  I have a growth scan on the 29th, I will be just shy of 28 weeks. I also have to get my glucose test done in the next couple of weeks.

Milestones: Ordering the nursery furniture and painting the room.


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